Chapter 5 - TroubleShooting The Onan, the GMC Genset

Onan 4kw & 6kw engine

One of the things most GMC owners live with is affectionately called "Onan the Barbarian."

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GMC Onan Power Drawer Electrical Trouble Shooting Demo - Duane Simmons, - Click here

— General Information
      — Pre-Trouble Shooting Activity
      — Board to 12 Pin Connector (J2) Cable Wire Definition
      — General Repair Comments
      — Trouble Shooting Aid - No Power Output
      — Trouble Shooting Aid - Will Not Respond to Stop Switch
      — Trouble Shooting Aid - RC Panel is Non Functional
      — Trouble Shooting Aid - No Starter Action
      — Data Form - Trouble Shooting Aid      

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Onan Preventive Maintenance Videos - Duane Simmons  - Click here.

Duane Simmons was known as "Mr. Onan". His vast knowledge of the Onan made him the  expert!

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