Chapter 4 - Rebuilding the olds 403 & 455 Engines

Joe Mondello GMC information

Joe Mondello stood out for his extensive knowledge of Oldsmobile engines.

He probably knew more about  Oldsmobile engines than anyone else on the planet, especially when it  came to making horsepower.  Mondello became known as "Dr. Oldsmobile"  based on the fictional character who wore a white jacket in the  performance Oldsmobile ads.

GM officials took note of his  cylinder head savvy and he was tapped to design many of GM's cylinder  heads.  His cylinder head designs were used by the Who's Who of racing  greatest such as Carol Shelby, Don "Big Daddy" Garlits, Don "The Snake"  Prudhomme, Tom "The Mongoose" McEwen" and many others.


Mondello  was also a GMC motorhome enthusiast later in life.  He and has wife  Mary were Eastern State Club and Dixielander members in addition to  attending a couple of GMCMI conventions.  He had a wealth of knowledge  about Oldsmobile engines and he enjoyed sharing it with club members at  rallies.

I recently came across an article written by Mondello  titled "Rebuilding Your First Engine."  This is a six part article with  step-by-step instruction on how to rebuild Oldsmobile engines.  It's a  great article full of information for those of you yearning to learn all  you can about rebuilding your Olds engine. Click here.

I also discovered for hardcore grease monkeys "Mondello Oldsmobile V8 Engine Technical Reference Manual." 

This  Manual is complete with casting numbers, factory specifications, high  performance specification, drawings, charts, tables, photographs and  much more.  The book is a must for  any engine builder or Oldsmobile  enthusiast, whether their interest in in racing or restoration.  It  contains 80 pages of little known facts and tips for building Oldsmobile engines that will make serious horsepower, and stay alive as well.   Complete engine build tips contain step by step detailed instructions  for the person who wants to learn by doing or for the experienced engine  builder who needs a quick reference guide.  It covers every aspect of  Oldsmobile V8 Engines from 1964 to 1990, except the 394.

It is available from MONDELLO Performance Products, Inc. Click here. mondello engines 455 engine