Chapter 11 - Black List - GMC MotorHome Assistance Listing gmc blacklist


Roger Black's indespensible list of folks willing to help in case of trouble on your trip.   

You can download a current copy here - Click here.

Copies  are available in PDF or Excel format. I suggest you download and  printout a copy to carry in your motorhome or you can keep it stored on  your laptop or memory stick that you carry in your GMC.

To be included on the list or to update your information go to - Click here.

Here is a Google Map to display  locations of contacts on the Black List around the World. It's easy way of loacating who may be  near you or your path as you travel. Click here.

An  interesting anecdote about the list is that Roger Black, for whom the  list is nicknamed, began building the list before he was a GMC owner. He  was aware of this type of list for Triumph owners and thought the  concept would be great for GMCers. After buying a Birchaven and taking  delivery, it broke down on his journey back to his home state. At that  point the Black List even came in handy for Mr. Black.

The list  has been a "life-saver" for many owners who never leave home without a  copy in their coach or on their laptop. Heed the advice, keep a copy  with you at all times. It will help you save time and frustration while  giving your comfort knowing help is just a phone call away.