chapter 1 - history of the gmc motorhome gmc motorhome history

Vintage GMC motorhome

The GMC MotorHome from Start to Finish - Click here.

Bill Bryant, GMC historian has assembled a great collection of CDs after many years of effort obtaining the history of the GMC MotorHome. Over 500 images detail the history, development, designs, prototypes, concepts, manufacturing, pricing, sales literature, memorabilia, collectables and more.

The Story of a Classic - Click here.

A great three-part article by historian Bill Bryant; reprinted from Family Motor Coaching Magazine.

The 1973 to 1978 GMC Motorhome Click here

Rich Truesdell, a writer for an online  magazine geared toward the auto enthusiast, providces his view of the  fascinating aspects of the GMC MotorHome 

A Brief History of The GMC MotorHome. - Click here

Wikipedia: GMC MotorHome - Click here