Bonus Material - Editorial Comment on "GMC MotorHome" Site

Byron Songer GMC graphic

Byron Songer, Editor

For this document, Gary and I have elected to use the designation  originally used by the GMC for their revolutionary product, the GMC  MotorHome.  By restoring this term we hope to rekindle awareness that  the TZE-based chassis and body developed by GM was truly unique and  worthy of a name that set it apart, through subtly, from other names.

In  the early 1970's the term "motorhome" was somewhat new.  Originally  these vehicles were called "house cars".  FMCA used the term "motor  coach" because the earlier vehicles were just that, repurposed  over-the-road coaches or buses.  Out of respect for the other materials  in existence that refers to the product as "GMC MotorHome," we have  retained that term which refers to any configuration of GMC chassis and  body that were developed by other upfitters such as Coachmen.   TransModes that have been converted to contain living space would fall  under this designation as would the Avion conversion and others.  We  prefer to use the MotorHome as built and finished by GMC, the Truck and  Coach division of GM.

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